Email is the best method of contact and if you wish to do so securely, you may use my PGP public key. Before trusting any key, be sure to verify its authenticity with the owner to prevent man in the middle attacks. You can reach me at hello@cranstonide.com.

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While I'm not huge into social networks, there are a few that I maintain a presence on.

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RT @ACLU: Bumping this now since the FCC is about to vote on if they should end #NetNeutrality https://t.co/07nyYpD6DM
RT @jcsrb: retweet if your first IDE was blue https://t.co/cECBrnYsXa
RT @bensyverson: 2017 Gadget Gift Guide! • Audio Surveillance (cylinder) • Audio Surveillance (round) • Audio Surveillance (taller c… https://t.co/oueJylLhMM
RT @ewindisch: I heard you like escape rooms. https://t.co/VOb8ypy3sr
RT @akelman: Nice to see the #AWS #reInvent bridge making a return appearance https://t.co/9gA38eDmN3
RT @gonzopancho: Docker as a time warp. Run a Unix from before most of you were born. https://t.co/nOCUMWK05n Cc: @nixcraft
RT @SUBWAY: It’s World Sandwich Day at Subway. Let’s Celebrate! #NationalSandwichDay #WorldSandwichDay https://t.co/XPkwsE0UAE