Email is the best method of contact and if you wish to do so securely, you may use my PGP public key. Before trusting any key, be sure to verify its authenticity with the owner to prevent man in the middle attacks. You can reach me at hello@cranstonide.com.

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While I'm not huge into social networks, there are a few that I maintain a presence on.

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RT @prozdkp: before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby https://t.co/xqulc786iD
RT @musalbas: Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this? https://t.co/phONMKHBle
RT @PhysicsFootnote: Another awesomely simple circular motion demo, this time showing that when the centripetal force is removed the obj… https://t.co/D2iiktWowS
I love the new ability to automatically clear statuses in @SlackHQ. Long awaited feature delivered!
RT @1Password: It's not Halloween yet, but we're handing out treats early. The best yet 1Password X is here and we have some extra… https://t.co/WTVb2F5KCS
RT @1Password: Have a NEO or 4 series on your keychain? Thanks to help from @yubico, you can now use that YubiKey to secure your 1… https://t.co/PUpuFb1CMM
RT @troyhunt: Do you use a popular browser extension? How confident are you that the creator wouldn’t accept a $10k offer to hand… https://t.co/pXAX6nMS2c
RT @_MG_: Hey what’s this camera button do? Oh... https://t.co/w9UqaWx1Ml
RT @nixcraft: Me, high on coffee, finally finished with project, fixed all bugs I stayed up working for 24 hours #sysadmin #IThttps://t.co/tsaY8og95J
RT @scrowder: QUESTION OF THE DAY: Social media giants started another round of purges. The question is now that it’s beyond Alex… https://t.co/jR4dSOiRFv