Email is the best method of contact and if you wish to do so securely, you may use my PGP public key. Before trusting any key, be sure to verify its authenticity with the owner to prevent man in the middle attacks. You can reach me at hello@cranstonide.com.

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@leolaporte Wow! That's really not bad; I hope a lot of high profile people make use of it! You're a trend-setter!
@leolaporte I hope you'll tell us all about costs and setup procedures in next week's SN!
@nixcraft I personally use Cinnamon (from the Mint project) on machines that can handle it, XFCE on everything else.
Now a proud @Splunk Certified Power User! Thanks to @SplunkEDU at @Splunkconf 😀
RT @Bill_Gross: In the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon." https://t.co/rwgCpSjfDQ
RT @MrFilmkritik: When you want to watch Young Frankenstein but Netflix for some reason gives you the subtitles from Lilo & Stitch. https://t.co/LwsvV6kGdI
RT @lukOlejnik: Wow. This Polish (soon, main) government sites using Let's Encrypt certificates? Great! ;-) https://t.co/Ju0rWARgBw https://t.co/EtEQeFplwK
RT @scouting: A Cub Scout uniform washed up on the beach after Hurricane Irma. What happened next is only possible in Scouting. https://t.co/spoLzP87wr