Email is the best method of contact and if you wish to do so securely, you may use my PGP public key. Before trusting any key, be sure to verify its authenticity with the owner to prevent man in the middle attacks. You can reach me at hello@cranstonide.com.

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@KB1VXY Nothing, they just share a short wave!
RT @OxfordPD_MA: Flash flooding -Sutton Ave Find alternate route! Please retweet https://t.co/HVdD1GkpT1
RT @OxfordPD_MA: Sutton Ave closed in area of I 395 https://t.co/gI2DoIDiAB
RT @KimZetter: I'm not going to single anyone out here, but it perplexes me how in 2018 security conferences and security companie… https://t.co/PvvUYci8Mj
RT @bkero: Among the reasons to be weary of IoT devices: this cloud-enabled camera is hardcoded to talk to a server in AWS tha… https://t.co/navC4l5LFc
RT @tomscott: Bought some fancy after-sun moisturizer to deal with a mild sunburn. The two main ingredients are water and olive o… https://t.co/pnSVNcfaoJ
RT @OnlyInBOS: Lightning struck a building in Downtown Boston this afternoon. IG: ShawnR1976 https://t.co/zYDltY52PI
RT @troyhunt: @haemaker The collisions aren’t the problem for passwords, it’s the fact you can calculate tens of billions of them per second
RT @troyhunt: Don't think I've seen someone store both a password hash *and* the plain text of it in a data breach! That's, uh...… https://t.co/M7sAIt5zri
@troyhunt Thanks for sharing - My family had a poor experience with Swann too. I did a small write-up here - and ex… https://t.co/Xb6tCfH16O