Email is the best method of contact and if you wish to do so securely, you may use my PGP public key. Before trusting any key, be sure to verify its authenticity with the owner to prevent man in the middle attacks. You can reach me at hello@cranstonide.com.

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While I'm not huge into social networks, there are a few that I maintain a presence on.

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@SGgrc Google bans cryptocurrency ads https://t.co/SwmEDCADVU
RT @backblaze: Effective immediately Backblaze B2 downloads cost $0.01/GB. That is a 50% reduction on top of the 60% reduction fro… https://t.co/4mL5sDkdRI
RT @OxfordPD_MA: The Oxford Public Library is now open as a warming station for residents needing a place to go for warmth!
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Coca-Cola operates in more countries than the UN.
@backblaze No, from what I can see it has stopped. I’d imagine I had some old DNS cached or something. Thanks!
@backblaze I was trying to upload a bunch last night, but kept getting certificate expiration errors. Using CyberDu… https://t.co/4BwtUQXncZ
RT @github: Labels just got a lot more meaningful with ✨emoji✨ and descriptions. https://t.co/5OR11lCMXf https://t.co/BGC6soEI6S
My wife just yelled from the other room "What! my password can't be more than 32 characters?! Why not!" I'm so proud.
RT @troyhunt: Just blogged: I've Just Launched "Pwned Passwords" V2 With Half a Billion Passwords for Download https://t.co/k54b2iL6K5
RT @fsf: There’s a new menu item in the Facebook app labeled “Protect.” Clicking it will prompt you to download a Virtual Pr… https://t.co/HQ0yZ0YwzO